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Major Activities

Main Examples of Consulting Activities

Corporate Revival Cases
Goal: Contribution to rehabilitation through reduction of insurance premium cost
Designing rational insurance program based on thorough use of insurance expertise
Designing Insurance program linked with rehabilitation plans
Substantial reduction of insurance premium cost (about 75%)
Contribution to rehabilitation through cost savings of insurance-related office work (77 contracts 4 contracts)

Project Cases
(PFI Business)
Goal: Contribution to successful bidding due to improved risk evaluation point
Identifying corporate risks through analysis of various agreements and related documents
Analyzing/evaluating risks and implementing optimum risk handling
Obtaining the highest evaluation point regarding “objective evaluation [dealing with risks during business period] in business enterprise selection” among various bidding groups
Becoming the successful bidder in the bid

Companies Listed
in the First Sections
of Stock Exchanges
Goal: Analysis and handling of risks
Identifying risks by risk engineers
Making a risk map
Structuring an insurance program in accordance with actual condition of the risks
Successful great expansion of insurance coverage through substantial cost reduction (about 30%)
Coverage of accidents that could not be addressed by traditional insurance products (Damages: ¥80 million)

First-section listed printing and
communication engineering company
Goal: Risk management on a group company basis
Introduce a multiple-location program covering consolidated subsidiaries
Succeed in sharp cost reduction (approximately 40%) and realize risk management on a consolidated basis

National university
Goal: Insurance arrangements following the incorporation of the national university
Identify risks and select a proper insurance cover
Offer insurance consulting related to incorporation, and brokerage services on tailored insurance cover

Electrical equipment manufacturer
Goal: Integrate insurance along with implementation of large merger
Draw up a uniform cover and integration of insurance along with the merger
Implement the global program as well as the consolidated insurance program to cover multiple location in Japan

Overview of Major Consulting Services

  • Reviewing existing insurance policies and designing an optimal insurance program
  • Reducing insurance premiums and administrative costs
  • Proposals for integrated insurance program for corporate groups linked to consolidated financial statement reporting
  • Risk due diligence in corporate revitalization
  • Consulting on insurance integration for corporate mergers
  • Insurance advice on a variety of projects (PFI, IPP, etc.)
  • New insurance scheme development based on corporate needs
  • Direct access to the international reinsurance market
  • Advice on evaluating and selecting an insurance company